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State of the Art Technology

Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement

Custom Fit Knee™: With Custom Fit Knee™ replacement, the surgeon matches the size and placement of the implant to each particular patient. Instrumentation and implants are pre-planned, based on the patient’s normal (non-diseased) knee anatomy. This means that the surgery can be done accurately and quickly, with less intra-operative decision making required from the surgeon. In addition, less bone is cut and all ligaments are spared, preserving the feel of a more “natural” feeling knee based on the patient’s normal knee function.

While all surgical procedures involve risk, Custom Fit Knee™ replacement was designed to minimize the risks often seen with traditional and computer-assisted techniques. With the custom fit approach, patients spend less time under anesthesia, have no additive risk of cardio-pulmonary complications (caused in traditional surgery by the placement of an intramedullary guide rod) and have up to 40% less bone removed from the femur (thigh bone). They have also reported less post-operative pain.

With the custom-fit knee, patients are reporting significantly less pain both after surgery and throughout their recovery. They also have a greater increase in their flexion and range of motion. This translates into an earlier return to daily living activities and/or employment. Most patients are off of a cane or walker by as early as 2 to 3 weeks and are able to return to activities such as driving, gardening and golfing by as early as 6 weeks.

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